Soup Diet to Lose Weight in One Week

Most people want to have rapid weight loss. However, what most people fail to ask is just how fast is fast. So basically, without putting the health at risk, just how much weight can a person lose?

Two pounds per week is the maximum amount of weight a person can lose in seven daya. The reason for this is that regardless of much calories you remove from your diet, the body still needs a specific amount to run. Hence arriving to the two pounds per week number.

Still, you’ll find that some diets are actually very effective when it comes to rapid weight loss. An example is the soup diet which can make a person burn of around 10 pounds in a week. If you want to know how to lose weight in a week using the soup diet, then read on.

First Day
No limitations when it comes to the amount of soup you eat. Recipe includes low calorie vegetables such as cabbage, carrot, onion and tomatoes. You can also eat as much fruit as you want but banana is the exception. Limit yourself to water.

Day Two of Diet
The second day is full of soup and vegetables. However, you’re not supposed to eat fruit on this day.

Fruits, vegetables and soup should be eaten on the third day except for baked potatoes.

Day Four of Diet
When the fourth day rolls in, your diet is limited strictly to bananas. More specifically you should eat a maximum of eight for the whole day. Of course, you can also eat as much soup as you want.

During the fifth day, you can start eating fish or skinless chicken maximum of 30 ounces. Evenly distributed throughout the day are six tomatoes that you can eat at leisure. The soup must only be eaten once today and eight glasses of water steadily consumer the whole day.

You can only eat soup once on this day. Your diet should consist of beef and vegetables while staying clear off baked potatoes.

Day Seven
On the last day, your diet would consist of brown rice and vegetables. Still, water will be your drink of choice.

Thus is the story of how to lose weight in a week fast. It can be very effective especially if you’re on a schedule. However, you might first want to consult a doctor or nutritionist if you ever decide on going for the soup diet. Bear in mind that although it sounds easy, sticking to the diet can still be hard. However, in one week, the diet is sure to be effective. Keep in mind that your health is as important as your weight.

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