A Review of Nutrisystem’s Vegetarian Plan

I sometimes get questions from folks wondering if vegetarians can use Nutrisystem foods and products and if so, how many choices are available and how decent tasting is the food? I’ll address these questions in the following article, but I can tell you that very few high protein diets offer as many choices and options for vegetarians as this one does.

Why High Protein Diets Are Often Off Limits For Vegetarians: There’s very little question that low carb diets often yield impressive results.  But, these types of diets can be hard for vegetarians because most high protein diets rely heavily upon meat or animal protein in order to steer clear of carbs and sugars while loading up on protein and fiber. This often raises concerns about the fat and cholesterol that you are taking in and whether it’s too high or not.

Nutrisystem Offers A Decent Amount Of Vegetarian Choices That Are Still High In Protein:  Nutrisystem has a special package just for people who want meatless options. It doesn’t cost any more than the regular plan.  The choices are pretty generous and they want you to eat five times per day so your metabolism stays up and you aren’t as hungry. 

 Here’s a few examples from each meal. For breakfast, there are pancakes, muffins, oatmeals, and scones. Although you would typically consider these foods carbs, the company manages to bump up the protein content and to keep the sugars low.

For lunch, typical choices are black beans and rice, minestrone soup, cheese tortellini, cheesy mashed potatoes, and fettuccine alfredo.  For dinner, some examples are vegetable lasagna, mushroom risotto, vegetarian chili, cheese pizza, pasta fagioli, and macaroni and cheese.  There are also desserts and snacks from which to chose.  Examples here are biscotti, cookies, brownies, and cakes.

The nice thing about this is that the company has done all of the work.  You can be assured that no items in this package contain meat. And, you can still pick and chose which foods that you would prefer at no extra cost. The foods are prepackaged so they are extremely convenient.  Prepackaged and prepared vegetarian meals that are also diet foods are rare, as is meatless fare that is able to get your body into fat burning mode or ketosis, but Nutrisystem has somehow been able to pull this off.

Adding In Your Sides:  Each of this diet’s meals allows you to add in healthy sides, so you will be able to add in TVP products, or smart dogs, or garden burgers or whatever you like, so long as it is healthy and complies with the guidelines that are sent with your package.  This really does give you a lot of flexibility and control.  Plus, it ensures that you’re eating fresh foods at each meal and are not relying too much on the prepackaged foods.  This also teaches you how to make smart and sound choices so that you will be ready once you’ve reached your goal and want to transition off of the diet.

Ava Alderman is the webmaster of the Nutrisystem Celebrity Diet Website Review which includes a full list of foods included in the diet, as well as FAQs, a three week free coupon, comparisons to other diets, pros and cons, and the free ebook “Getting The Most Out Of Nutrisystem” You can visit the site at http://celebrity-diet-review.com/nutrisystem

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