Female Hair Loss – What Causes Female Hair Loss?

Female hair loss can be particularly distressing. After all, it is common to see bald men, but when you see a woman with thinning hair it for some reason it seems more noticeable, and the reason it is so distressing of course is because hair plays a big part in the way a woman presents herself to the world. But what is behind female hair loss and is there anything that can be done to stop it?

Well first of all there are many reasons behind thinning hair and you need to check if these are going on in your life first before taking any action. For instance have you been undergoing any kind of severe stress lately as this can trigger it off. Other things that can trigger off hair loss are perhaps tying your hair back too tightly or taking different medication. Another thing that can have a crazy effect on your hair is pregnancy as this causes a riot with your hormones and can make thin hair thick and vice versa.

Another hormonal area that can effect women’s hair is when they go through the menopause. The menopause has a big impact on women’s hormones and this can effect the hair because less estrogen is being produced. Before the menopause both estrogen and testosterone are produce but the estrogen act like a barrier for instance and controls the testosterone in the body; but with less estrogen this can enable the testosterone to turn into DHT which is the cause behind male pattern baldness and thinning hair in women. Some women during menopause will go on hormone replacement therapy and this can help reduce the thinning hair, because of course this replaces the estrogen and keeps the hormones balanced.

For some women though, hair loss is something that is going to genetically happen anyway and the genes that cause it can be maternal or paternal and is probably more common than you think, with approximately 1 in 4 women suffering from it but is there anything that can be done to combat it?

Well there is of course the options of hair transplants and hair weaves etc… and while these can work they can also be both expensive and very painful. However research is showing that there are natural ways of not only being able to keep the hair that you have but also being able to regrow hair too, and one of the key things to take is Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6). The reason that this is recommended is because among other things it helps increase the oxygen in the blood and also helps the body to withstand stress as well; in fact it is classed as the woman’s vitamin as it helps in so many areas. Other natural things believed to help prevent female hair loss are magnesium, biotin and horsetail.

In fact while researching female hair loss I found a video which covers a lot of information on hair loss and treatments, both natural and medical. You can see that video on my site at http://howtopreventhairloss.org

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