Winning Tactics For Finding the Cause of Female Hair Loss

Here’s a really simple way to get to the cause of female hair loss.

The Problem

Millions upon millions of women are blighted with the problem of premature hair loss and the number is growing every year. The cause of female hair loss can be attributed to a number of key factors including poor diet, genetic factors, heredity problems, stress and even trauma.

The Cause

Most women however find that the cause of female hair loss in them is due to a hormonal imbalance. There are some key differences between why men lose hair and why women do.

You see, the majority of men have an excess of DHT that is derived from testorsterone. The DHT attaches the hairs follicle causing it to shrink and eventually fall out.

Now, women also have DHT, which affects their hair as well. In addition they lose hair from the interaction of a couple of hormones specific to them estradiol and estrone. The interaction of these hormones is a key cause of female hair loss and why the solution for them needs to be different from the treatment for men.

Finding the Right Solution

Some nutrients and herbs that you might want to ensure your remedy contains are magnesium, horsetail, biotin, vitamin B6 and a special ingredient called para-amino benzoic acid.

There are a lot of products that claim to be effective for women but many of these have not actually been proven in clinical trials on real women so you need to be selective with the treatment you buy.

In my research I have found that most of the treatments are ineffective and a waste of money. They are pumped full of chemicals and unproven ingredients, some of which can actually be harmful to your health. I highly recommend you do proper research and form your own conclusions selecting which products might work for you.

You also have to try a number of products as we are all different and some treatments will work better for you than for others. If you take the time to learn about the real cause of female hair loss you will find it easy to begin curing it naturally starting today.

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