Enjoy A Nutritious Low Calorie Salad With These Easy Secrets

Salads can be nutritious and filling, but they can also be very unhealthy if they’re drowned in high calorie toppings. The typical salad from a restaurant loaded with ham, dressing, cheese, eggs as well as sesame seeds may have over 1000 calories.

Fortunately, it is possible to enjoy a salad without the additional calories. Here’s 4 delicious ideas to prepare a salad which is big on taste, but not on your waist.

Add a choice of lettuce
A cup of lettuce will give you a host of healthy advantages including nutritional vitamins, folic acid and lutein and weighs in at only 10 calories a cup. Pile on a range of leafy greens including spinach, kale, lettuce to add additional flavor and zest to your salad and at the same time providing an array of healthy benefits.

Mix in some veggies
Just like lettuce, fresh vegetables are a smart way to add dietary value along with an unique flavor to your salad with minimal calories. Pile on the veggies like peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots to name a few. Just avoid vegetables which are deep-fried and/or marinated in high calorie dressings.

Power it up with some protein
Make your salad into a well-balanced dish by adding a bit of lean protein. Smoked chicken, eggs, tuna, shrimp and low-fat cottage cheese are generally fantastic options that will really add a lot of taste to your salad. Again, pass on the fried or even heavily marinated types.

Top the salad wisely
A salad just isn’t complete with no dressing, sadly it’s exactly this that will typically make or simply break the salad. A little 2oz serving of rich and creamy caesar sauce provides 190 calories plus 18 grams of fat. However, most individuals don’t stop at 2 oz. Choose the low calorie types of your favorite dressing or maybe consider olive oil as well as vinegar to add some taste.

Shed even more fat by following an effective reduced calorie diet and utilizing these weight loss tips!

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