4 Low Calorie Alcoholic Drink Choices

As a general rule alcohol and weight loss do not go together. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram making it the second highest calorie food group behind dietary fats (at 9 calories per gram). However, if you choose the right drinks you can minimise the calories you consume through alcohol. In this article I will be helping you do just that with 4 low calorie alcoholic drink choices.

1) COORS LIGHT BEER:- When it comes to alcohol, beer is at the higher end of the calorie scale due to the relatively large amount of carbohydrates it contains. However, if you are going to drink beer go with Coors. Coors contains around half the carbohydrates of most other premium lagers with a pint coming in at a respectable 174 calories. This makes Coors a relatively low calorie alcoholic drink and one of the best beers to drink if you want to avoid a beer belly.

2) CHAMPAGNE:- Champagne is a popular celebratory drink that often comes out at family gatherings. It is also one of the lightest alcoholic beverages available with a small glass containing just 100 calories. So if you want to celebrate in style and not worry about your waistline, stick to this low calorie alcoholic drink.

3) DRY WHITE WINE:- In terms of calories and alcohol, wine is a very good choice. A small glass of red, rose or white wine will add less than 100 calories to your daily intake. Dry white wine is the best of the bunch with a single small glass containing just 83 calories. So if you want to avoid alcohol related weight gain, this low calorie alcoholic drink is one of the best choices.

4) VODKA:- Vodka is the key ingredient in many popular alcoholic beverages. It is used to make alcopops, cocktails and mixers. The problem is that the other ingredient in most of these vodka based drinks is sugar which adds a significant amount of calories. If you strip out the sugar and just drink straight vodka you are left with a very low calorie alcoholic drink. A single 25 millilitre (ml) shot of vodka contains just 55 calories making it a brilliant choice if you are watching your figure.


Alcohol is relatively rich in calories and drinking too much will inevitably lead to weight gain. However, all alcoholic beverages are not created equal. Some come in at over 500 calories a drink whilst others contain less than 100 calories a drink. If you are sensible with your drink choices and go for the low calorie alcoholic drinks most of the time you can minimise the impact that alcohol has on your waistline.

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