Why You Can’t Get a Six Pack on a Low Calorie Diet

There are many reasons why low calorie diets will never work for long-term results but very few people ever get to know about them. A low calorie diet is probably the first thing that pops into the head of someone wanting to lose weight or tone up the abdominal area. For many people it can be frustrating to think how a low calorie diet could fail to lose weight and reduce fat. This is only because they haven’t had the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the human body and how different foods can influence the ability to lose fat.

Every time we eat something it has an effect on our metabolism, metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories. The quicker your metabolism runs the more calories you burn. Eating regular meals increases metabolism and so does exercise. Some exercises are more beneficial than others for burning calories during and after the workout.

Skipping meals and restricting calories disrupts the metabolism and slows down the rate your body burns calories. This kind of lifestyle is destructive to fat loss goals and psychologically damages your relationship with food at all sorts of levels. It is essential to get a good balance of nutrients and let go of any fear you may have about eating certain foods because they are high in calories.

It is not just calories that make people fat it is the type of calories that matter. Counting calories won’t make any difference if your diet is made up of mostly processed foods, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and grains.

Your body is nature’s most ingenious design that has developed and adjusted itself for the sake of surviving through evolution. That is why when you begin to restrict calories it automatically assumes there is a famine coming and stores what little food you do eat into the fat cells. In other words the good news is if it didn’t do this we wouldn’t have survived for so long as a species but the bad news is it is at the expense of more and bigger fat cells. Following a diet with restricted calories will make it very difficult if not impossible to lose fat from problem areas on your body.

Every time you imitate a famine you make it harder in the future to restore your normal metabolic rate. You are also more likely to develop sweet cravings because of the poor blood sugar management caused by the infrequent eating. You can quickly see how one thing leads to another and a viscous circle of yoyo dieting is inevitable. Every time you put your body through this ride you end up with more fat storing hormones.

To reduce fat and lose weight permanently it is important to start looking at the type of calories you consume. Gone are the days of starving yourself in the hope of a quick fix solution. Everyone needs a good selection of essential fatty acids, organic vegetables, free-range meats and proteins in their diets. You need to move towards the opposite side of malnourishment and eat frequently to be on a fat loss winner. Never allow yourself to go hungry in between meals; eating a well balanced diet doesn’t qualify you to eat low calories. Doing that wouldn’t keep the metabolism running optimally to see fat loss.

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