Raw Diet: Longevity And Calorie Restriction

Do you know how important it is to take proper care of your health? There are lots of people who fail to look after their health in the way they should and the result is not good. These days you will find that different kinds of diet plans are available which can help you take care of your health.

You must always make sure that you choose the diet plan which will help you maintain your health and will provide all the essential nutrients required for your body. You might have heard about the raw food diet.

This kind of a diet includes all the raw foods. This is usually a plant based diet which includes different kinds of vegetables as well as fruits. While choosing your diet the first thing that you need to check is the calorie content of the diet.

You might have heard about the term calorie restriction. This term has become very much essential in todays life. If you want to stay fit and healthy then you must have a proper check on the calorie content of your food.

Calorie is not only responsible for obesity but it is not good for health. A lot of research has been done regarding this fact. In the year 1934 a research was done where some rats were fed with low calorie diet maintaining the level of other nutrients.

It was found that these rats had a longer span of life than the other normally fed rats. This proved that low calorie can create longevity in living creatures. A raw food diet is one of the best examples of low calorie diet.

When you eat the raw foods you get the right amount of nutrients from these foods. There are lots of other benefits that this kind of food usually has. It is always better to avoid fast foods as well as processed foods. These kinds of foods are usually full of calories as well as other harmful elements.

The raw food diet includes the amount of calorie that is required by the body. Excessive calorie can create a lot of harm. You will be surprised to learn that a low calorie diet can increase ones life span up to 120 years.

This is quite unusual but it is true. This has been proved in the researches and studies performed by the scientists. If you stay in restriction regarding calorie then it can help you lower your cholesterol, blood pressure as well as fasting glucose.

But you must remember when you have a low calorie diet the energy intake gets minimized. This is the reason why you need to cover this up with enough quantities of minerals and vitamins as well as other essential nutrients.

It has also been found in a study that a low calorie and raw food diet can help you improve your memory. This is the reason why lots of people are showing interest in raw diet and they are trying their best to have the best raw foods.

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