Sugar weight gain: How to lose weight while still enjoying sugar and dieting



There are a lot of myths surrounding dieting. The good news is that sugar does not cause weight gain.

Sugar has been labeled an enemy while dieting and science shows that this is absolutely false. It is important to realize that sugar is absolutely needed for the body. It is actually critical for energy. Now science has revealed that sugar does not cause a person to gain weight or become diabetic. Sugar weight gain has always been a myth based on bad information.


The removal of sugar from the stores and supermarkets in favor of sugar free products has actually caused an increase in diabetes and obesity in the last 30 years. It was once believed in the 1990’s that sugar free was the answer to dieters problems but the exact opposite has occurred. The change from sugar to artificial sweeteners has caused a huge spike in diabetes and obesity. A Sugar free diet has never been scientifically proven to help anyone’s lose weight. In fact science has revealed that artificial sweeteners can cause cancer and serious health problems. A recent study showed that even one can of diet soda caused the cells of the body to open to cancer in the cell. Sugar weight gain is a myth based on studies that looked what would happen if you stuffed a person with an abnormal amount of sugar.


The true cause of weight gain is food chemicals not sugar or carbs. As the body ingest food chemicals it breaks down the good insulin and causes weight problems. This has never been the case with sugar. In fact a major University study showed that those who ate the most sugar did not increase the risk of becoming diabetic. Diabetes is not caused by consuming sugar. Those who eat the most chemicals in the food will lead to more diabetes and weight problems. If you need to lose weight stopping sugar will not help you. Understand that only when sugar is abused does it cause weight gain.

Artificial sweeteners on the other hand cause cancer cell formation after only one can of diet soda.


Science has shown a diabetes diet that includes sugar has been reversing weight problems and giving a normal weight even in those who do not have diabetes. There is no sugar weight gain and the diet allows you to eat what you like. The diet reverses the cause of weight problems and diabetes type 2

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The key to all weight loss is the removal of chemicals like the diabetes diet did. The removal of sugar has never been proven by science to help anyone lose weight.

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