Fasting and Low Calorie Restriction Diets – What’s the Difference?

Many people want to know the major difference between fasting and a low calorie diet. Is there even a real difference?

When people hear the word “fasting” there are some major mixed feelings. Some people freak out when they hear of anyone fasting and some people think it is truly self-sacrificing spiritual practice.

The fasting we are most familiar with is the 2nd definition. Fasting for spiritual purposes in Christianity and in other religions; is believed to be a practice that allows you to focus every thought on God. It is only through absolute deprivation of food, in which a person can clearly tune out of the world and tune into God’s spirit. The fasting that is down for spiritual reasons usually lasts only a few days and is not typically used for weeks. The spiritual fasting is never used for weight loss and people do not associate spiritual fasting with the possible bonuses of being thinner when they finish. Again, this type of fasting is only to last a few days and not meant to be long term. Fasting is used for detoxing too. Some people feel that going on a fast a few days a month is a good way to get rid of the toxins and impurities that have collected from poor eating habits.

Just a few years ago some celebrities started doing The Master Cleanse diet that consists of a special lemonade concoction that you drink for every meal for 30 days. Many people ran out and started their master cleans and fail to realize that as soon as they begin to eat normally, they will gain the weight back.

Much of the media coverage is aimed directly at the women that are “fasting” only it is not really fasting, it is starvation. They are not just merely going without food for a short period of time so they can clear their head or get rid of the toxins and impurities in their bodies, they are using fasting as a method to lose weight. If they only knew that starvation doesn’t help you lose weight. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Your body’s metabolism will completely shut down in order to hold onto whatever fat is present on the body. Our bodies are smart like that.

A low calorie diet leans closer to starvation. The thing about low calorie diets is if the calorie restriction is too low it signals to the body that it is starving and that it needs to slow down the process of using the stored fats. This is often why women that are only very low calorie diets find it frustrating to hardly see the scale budge even though they are not cheating and going over the desired calorie count.

Neither, fasting or very low calorie restriction diets are the answer to a lasting method to real weight loss. The only way is to completely change your eating habits and lifestyle into a healthier one that you can keep up years to come.

Fasting diets don’t work. Healthy eating to lose weight does work.

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