Lose Weight without sacrifice Reduce 7 kilos in one week

Finished the holidays and received the year trying to eliminate those extra pounds, a result of consuming the delicious dishes offered during New Year and Christmas celebrations. Do not worry: you can lose weight without implying a great sacrifice.

It is likely that the New Year’s Eve, aware of the many dishes that ingested since Christmas, raised the firm intention to lose weight. But the next day, when you go to a mall, the smells from the bakery seduces you and feel much need to eat a delicious chocolate mousse. Is it safe to think that willpower will not have to fulfill the promise made to body, but there is no need to worry, you can eliminate those pesky extra kilos without giving up your favorite treats. Read on and discover how you can do.

First, it should be noted that not eliminate the weight gain from day to day, so wary of diets and methods to offer a reduction of up to 7 kilos in one week, then only put your health at risk. Remember that weight loss is a gradual process, so you must have patience and perseverance to achieve it.

Successful weight loss can, even if it seems unbelievable, occasionally eating their favorite treats. This is because there is no prohibition, thus it eliminates the temptation to foods high in fat and calories. So, eventually, be willing to give up more easily to strawberry shortcake when enjoyed some chocolate chip cookies yesterday.

When it comes to weight loss in the medium to long term is not effective to count calories or restrict food, whereas a flexible diet allows you to lose weight, have less temptation and suffered less depression and anxiety.

Try to balance your meals throughout the day without following strict plans that make you feel limited, as has been shown that such methods are easily abandoned. So if you eat a burger and fries at lunch, dinner vegetable soup or chicken salad.

Before eating, check that has consumed so far to adjust your options. For example, if you took a healthy breakfast (juice, yogurt, bread and fruit), but has a party at night, food prefer grilled chicken salad instead of a couple of muffins.

Please note that diets that balance the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fiber will prevent you feel hungry throughout the day. If you add to your food chicken, rice and steamed vegetables will be satisfied and eat less food later.

You can also use low-fat foods, but be careful, because if a product of this type is not as good as that of its natural presentation is likely to consume larger quantities, so it is best to eat in the original version. Thus, only eat a serving of food that makes you feel satisfied.

On the other hand, it is important to use physical activity, which will allow you to set aside obsessing over every morsel you eat, it will burn calories. To do this, you need not spend hours in a gym, but to modify and intensify some daily activities.

For example, if you have a dog and usually walk with him for 20 minutes, increase the time a half hour or 40 minutes if you have children, do not just look after them, play with them, do not use elevator, take the stairs ( if possible, two by two steps) or gardening. If the mall is close to home do not use car, walk and go out with family or friends to take a bike ride. Consider also that physical activity helps relieve stress and provide energy.

It is quite possible that at some point be caught by the temptation and perhaps not over food and lose the balance they had. If this happens, do not be discouraged because it is normal in any process of weight reduction. Return to the path set, but first consider what stimulated to eat more and ask yourself what it represented to you consumed.

If you have resorted to food to relieve stress or anxiety, you must identify the cause to prevent recurrence attitude and become usual. Choose a human relationship with over a meal and you’ll discover it does not require eating more food; only your body needs to function properly.

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