How To Get Rid Of Stomach Fat In 7 Easy Steps

I know, isn’t that the worst place to carry fat, on your tummy, especially if you are a woman, the amount of times some of my friends have been asked when they are expecting… very embarrassing!

As a woman, I know how easy it is to gain weight around the stomach and hips, god only knows why it has to go there, but it does, and once you have a little bit, it seems to attract more, what is the saying “like attracts like”, it certainly rings true when it comes to weight gain around the stomach and hip area!

I find it is one of the hardest places to “shift” weight, how about you?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I wanted to find a quick, safe and easy way to move this weight, without it disrupting meal times at my place, they are disruptive enough without having to think about cooking two different meals! Who can be bothered at the end of the day?!

I took it upon myself, conned my mother and sister to do it with me, to investigate a new “diet” I had heard about a few years ago that is based on your metabolism type and the portion size of each meal based on 3 categories, fat, protein and carbohydrates. To date, I have found this to be the quickest, safest and easiest way to lose weight. My Mum lost 10kg’s in 3 months, my sister lost 5kg’s in 2 months and I also lost 10kg’s in 3 months, so I know it works!

Ok, are you ready to give this a shot? I promise it will be painless… J

Follow these easy steps to a slimmer tummy (and you) in weeks!:

Work out your metabolism type. To do this, answer the following questions: – How do you feel after eating a large meal? Tired, hungry, what? – What foods do you crave? – How do you gain weight? – Do you eat breakfast? – Are you hungry all the time? You are a Type 1 if: * You feel hungry after eating, normally just 10 minutes later * You crave salty or fatty foods between meals * You gain weight easily, no matter what you eat * You eat breakfast * You are hungry constantly

You are a Type 2 if: * You feel tired and heavy after a large meal * You crave sweets between meals * You gain weight when you eat too many fats or sweets * You don’t eat breakfast * You are not hungry after eating

The difference between the types is simple. Type 1 burns fat quicker than a Type 2, making it slightly easier for a Type 1 to lose weight than a Type 2, but only just J.

Be aware of your metabolism type when you are eating and look for obvious things that “help” you to gain weight, ie Type 1, cut out fatty, salty foods and Type 2 cut out on your sweet foods. If you can’t “cut” these out, reduce your intake. Whatever you do, make a start.

Type 1 – eat more good proteins and good fats and Type 2 eat more complex carbohydrates. This means that as a Type 1, you should avoid eating too much complex carbs and as a Type 2, you should avoid eating too much protein and fat. What are examples of good proteins, fats and complex carbs?

I’ll tell you:

Good Proteins include: Chicken, turkey, most fish, milk (low fat), cheese (low fat) butter, eggs, and most veges.

Good Fats include: Almond oil, Olive oil, Canola oil and butter.

Complex Carbohydrates include: Oatmeal, brown rice, avocado’s, whole wheat bread, white rice and pasta.

The key to this whole “diet” – reduce your portion sizes! Remember your metabolism type? Remember what you should be eating? The following is the percentages of these 3 food categories as per your metabolism type:
Type 1
Type 2
20% Fat 10% Fat
40% Protein 25% Protein
40% Complex Carbohydrates 65% Complex Carbohydrates

These percentages are calculated in weight/mass, not in calories.

Apply the portion sizes to every meal. Your plate should resemble the percentages as above. This is a key to losing the weight quickly. If you can stick to the portion sizes you WILL lose weight. This means that you can still eat some of the foods you like, even if they are “bad” for you, making it easier to follow and stick to.
Use a natural product to help you. If you are a Type 2, you can be susceptible to constipation, so try something natural from your health shop to help with bowel movements. If you are a Type 1, try some natural foods to help you ease out of the fatty and salty food habits, snack on other things that are better for you.
Lastly, exercise! Haha, I know you thought I wasn’t going to mention it, but you need to get your metabolism going, especially if you are a Type 2, this will help you lose weight quicker. 30 minutes, 5 times a week is all it takes, consistency is the key – keep at it.
There you have it, 7 steps to get rid of stomach fat quickly, safely and easily. Portion sizes and consistency in exercise is the key to making this diet work. Make a goal to do this for at least 3 months and you WILL lose the weight.

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